Rings on my fingers!

I LOVE rings I wear at least one on each finger every day and so it made sense that I wanted to learn how to make them. They are the hardest thing to make jewellery wise, as they have to be the right size, with necklaces and bracelets it doesn’t matter if they are too big they can still be worn, if a ring is too big it will fall off and you can lose it. Earrings are also easier because they are one size 🙂

For ring making you need the right tools too. I got a ring measurer and pliers for Christmas, until I had those it was a lot harder to try and make them.

With the rings I started by twisting wire and then wrapping it around the stone (see the pink ring), it is also important that the inside of the wire is pretty smooth or else it wouldn’t be comfortable to wear. My favourite ring I made is the snake, it was a lot of work but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

I also got some seed beads for Christmas and I experimented with making rings with them, it’s very fiddly work as the beads are very small but I love how they look.