Welcome to my website!

The purpose of this site is to display all of the jewellery I made this year for my Transition Year project. My project is about me developing my jewellery making abilities.

I started by learning how to make friendship bracelets using embroidery thread. My mum showed me how to make basic bracelets and as I got more familiar with the progress the bracelets became more complicated displayed designs, patters and multiple colours.

When I had mastered bracelet making I moved onto earrings. My earrings are made using different materials including beads and charms. I also gave presents to my friends.

Next I started to experiment with ring making, I was given a ring making set for Christmas which included a ring measurer and pliers. Most of my rings are made using jewelry wire with my latest rings being made from seed beads.

Finally I made necklaces, these were a combination of other work. Using wire to encase crystals, upcycling some of my mum’s old jewellery and charms.

I hope you enjoy browsing 🙂